Since many years I work in the jewelry design world, realizing unique pieces all handmade and produced in Italy.

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All my creations are born from my love for India, China, Japan and the millenarian culture that all these countries represent.

collection East Asia

In this part of my collection you will find the genesis, the origin of my whole world and my deep love for Asia, the obsessive research of ancient materials and composition techniques used.

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collection Bronze

When I decided to look for an alternative to gold for the manufacture of my pieces, I thought right away in bronze. It was an immediate connection, an antique material, with something ancestral; no reason why it was one of the first materials used by humankind.

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collection Form

This section of my creations give life to artificial geometries carved into perfect forms or natural ones owned by the stones and which I have decided to use.

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collection Nature

Amber, coral, ebony, ivory, mother of pearl, bone the fundaments of this collection, as well as pearls and every element available in Nature that deserves to be elaborated and combined with precious stones and gold to enhance its characteristics becoming even more precious.

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